Nordtop 185

Nordtop 185  is really spacious. It is suitable for trailer beds with inner width of 1850mm. Inner length can be changed between 3500 and 4000 mm.  The space usage has been maximized with the cover’s design. Back door and front door are fitted as standard. Extra doors on the side are available as accessories. Nordtop 185 is fixedly mounted on the side walls of the trailer. 10 years guarantee.

Usable volume corresponds to a large-scale delivery van

For example, the length of trailer bed 350cm with side walls height 24-30cm, the total volume of the trunk is 10-11 m3. The height of the trunk is  170-177cm.

  • lockable doors
  • inner width 1850mm
  • inner lenght 3500 – 4000mm
  • inner height 1470mm  (Max.loading height 1470mm + side walls of trailer)
  • weight: 100kg / 110kg
  • standard color: white

The length of Nordtop 185 can be changed in all dimensions between 3000 – 4000mm

Standard dimensions:

  • L3500  (productno: xxxxx)
  • L4000  (productno: xxxxx)

Prices, EXW Oulu.