Contract manufacturing

We’ve been working in this industry since the year 1981 and we have developed our technique of producing molds to such an extent that even the manufacturing of small series is economical. For over 30 years we’ve worked with over 100 companies, some of which have been projects and some which remain our customers to this day.


Our production is highly flexible, we always customize our production process according to the customer’s wishes. We can deliver either finished products or molds for independent fabrication to our customers. Fabrication is effective to mass production too. We make the products in Finland and in Estonia. Contact our sales and let’s plan a delivery model that is suited for Your needs.



Fibre-reinforced plastic consists of polyester resin with glass fiber as stiffener. There are also a variety of composite materials to provide the right kind of strength for different uses. There are several coating alternatives, read more and choose the coating that is best for your product.

Technical qualities

The products are dimensionally accurate representative and sustainable, providing almost limitless designing possibilities.