Our production is highly flexible, we always customize our production process according to the customer’s wishes. We can deliver either finished products or molds for independent fabrication to our customers. Fabrication is effective to mass production too. We make the products in Finland and in Estonia. Contact our sales and let’s plan a delivery model that is suited for Your needs.

Negotiation and planning

At the stages of negotiaton and planning a solution is discussed with the customer and afterwards drafts of the product are planned.


3D-model of the product, which is negotiated with the customer and necessary corrections are made.

Offer negotiation and offer

Offer of making the mold with either hands or using CNC-tools, a last, of which the actual mold is made. Offer for making the products, if the production doesn’t stay with Victorius, the price for the mold is approximately triple.

The preparation and production of the mold

After accepting the mold, the production can begin. The whole process takes approximately 1 to 2 months to the beginning of the production.