Nordtop 150

Nordtop 150 is the most common size in range. It is suitable for trailer beds with inner width of 1500mm. Inner length can be changed between 3000 and 4000 mm.  The space usage has been maximized with the cover’s design.

Special feature – douple opening

Back door is fitted as standard. In addition the whole cover can be lifted up from the rear. Extra doors on the side and front are available as accessories. 10 years guarantee.

  • spring assisted hinge mechanism
  • lockable doors
  • inner width 1500mm
  • inner lenght 3000 – 4000mm
  • inner height 1250mm  (Max.loading height 1250mm + side walls of trailer)
  • weight: 60kg / 65kg / 70kg / 75kg
  • standard color: white