Victorius – With Us

Victorius Oy är en nordeuropeisk koncern inom armerad plast med ett brett sortiment. Koncernen har både egna och underleverantörsprodukter.

Victorius Concern

The concern is owned by it’s operational management together with an investor group collected by Helmet Business Mentors Oy. The headquarters of the concern is located in Oulu, together with the office of Ykimuovi Finland Oy.

Victorius Oy has continued it’s expansion with company purchases by getting the whole stock of Rääkkylä Muovi Oy. Rääkkylä muovi has ever since 1970 manufactured fibre-reinforced plastic products in North Karelia, the most famous of which are different movable pause spaces and shelters. In connection with the trade, the executive director of Rääkkylä Muovi Oy Ari Hulkkonen has been nominated for the main planner of Victorius concern. He will in the future actively take part in the product development of all the FRP products of the concern.

The following companies belong to Victorius concern

Rääkkylän Muovi Oy Ykimuovi Finland Oy Garant Finland Oy PLB Vindic AB Iris Fiber OÜ Fiberform Polyester & Kunststoffprodukte GMBH